Events and Traditions

80 % of the courses are now delivered in the distance learning format, including individual music lessons, sports, and even choreography.
Unique events that feature the introduction of online learning include establishing mnogo.letovo – an Instagram account about extracurriculars – and the Radio Letovo project that helped hold a variety of online events and support the students, create a public space for communication, and encourage students to pursue all five development programs.


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Every week the students and teachers gathered around Letovo Wednesday — this is the name for meetings with researchers and public and cultural figures. Eight such meetings were held online, including with book critic Galina Yuzefovich, actress and TV hostess Tatyana Lazareva, Head of the Children’s Hearts Foundation Ekaterina Bermant, and linguist Aleksandr Piperski. To commemorate Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War, we held four musical and literary evenings: The Memory Speaks One Language; The Many Faces of War; The Ache of My Heart, To All of Those Whom I left on Earth. The school tradition of field trips days has also moved online. For Letovo students, famous tourist guides and scientists gave virtual tours of London and Istanbul, Madrid and Lisbon, Venice, Paris, and Rome.

Thematic Weeks

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The theme-based time management approach became a distinguishing feature of the distance learning period. Every week of the fourth term was devoted to a specific theme supported by events and activities in the mnogo.letovo Instagram account. These focus events went beyond entertainment to encompass education and research. During the two academic months, we had a language week of the culture festival, natural sciences week, social responsibility week, book week, family history week, memory week, and two weeks of art. Every week included theme-specific presentations, quizzes, online discussions, live broadcasting, performances, literary evenings, concerts, film shows, and this list is far from being exhaustive.


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The lessons of drawing, photography, drama, music, and even dance continued in the distance learning mode. The thematic weeks included live broadcasting and meetings with the Arts Department teachers devoted to music, visual arts, and art theory. The drama studio presented a Zoom performance of D. Cooney’s play, The Beloved Dearly. And the most exciting events of the fourth term were online concerts in different genres and styles.


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Nine sports events were held online: different challenges, online workouts, Zumba, fitness, Pilates, and other sports. All online sports events began at 8:20 P.M. (Moscow time) on Fridays — during the fourth term, it became a heart-warming tradition proving that physical activities unite everybody. Besides, during the distance learning period, the PE Department launched its own YouTube channel to gather all the teachers’ ideas.