Higher Education and Careers

Letovo School is dedicated to ensuring that all gifted and talented students are able to achieve their academic potential and professional aspirations guided by the core values of the school: honesty and fairness, dignity and respect, collaboration and cooperation, initiative and personal engagement, self-expression and development and determination.

We use a student-centered approach to help determine which course will best suit a student’s strengths and individual career goals. A successful university placement is the result of research, self-reflection, open communication and hard work.

College and Career Counselling at Letovo. Overview

Through comprehensive counselling and structured, personalised support, Letovo students are striving to attend the top universities across the world. Through superb knowledge and support of our counselors, each student is guided through the process while working in collaboration with teachers and families. Our goal is to guide Letovo students to find universities and colleges that best fit their individual talents, passions, and aspirations.

From ninth grade on in conjunction with the tutors and the DP Team, the Higher Education Department works individually with students to mentor and guide them through IB course selection, career research alongside the university search and application process. In tenth grade the college search process begins in earnest commencing with the administration of the MBTI test to see how students perceive the world around them and demonstrate their personal strengths. During the two years of the IB DP program the university application and selection process is completed. Through monthly meetings and their expertise, the team offers personalised counselling services to all students and parents, covering application requirements and financial aid/scholarship searches.

Advisory Program

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The Advisory Program is a key component in ensuring the academic success of students in class and with their college preparations. Here, tutors monitor their academic progress under the guidance of caring Letovo staff. Moreover, students are encouraged to build supportive relationships with both peers and their tutors that lead to success in school and beyond. This programme provides Letovo students with the resources necessary to make thoughtful decisions about their future.

Ivy League and US universities

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Many of Letovo students are considering applying to US universities when choosing their higher education destinations. In order to support our students during the uneasy admission process we offer them a variety of ways how we could help them in unravelling their unique academic, creative, reflective and proficient qualities.

SAT, SAT Subject Tests and AP

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Determined to assist our students in every step of their application, Letovo supports its US applicants in every step of the admission process. Firstly, Letovo offers the necessary preparation for our students by conducting face-to-face and online classes for SAT I. AP subjects and SAT II preparation is offered as well upon request depending on the subjects chosen by students. Secondly, the advisory program adopted in Letovo implies that individual tutors assist their respective students in singing up for the exams and in monitoring the deadlines ensuring that the technicalities of the process are not disregarded. Last but not least, after receiving the College Board accreditation, Letovo is now able to facilitate the examination process for its students allowing them to sit the exams in a familiar and convenient environment of Letovo School, saving their time and minimising their disturbance.

Oxbridge and UK applications

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Understanding the highly competitive nature of Oxford and Cambridge applications, Letovo school strives to provide its students with all the necessary advice and assistance. Our Academic Department is highly equipped for preparing the students who must take the entrance exams as part of a requirement for their application to the university of Oxford and Cambridge. Apart from subject-specific preparation, Letovo students are also familiarised with the format of the admission interview so that they gain understanding of what they could expect.

Additional preparation for all international applicants

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The higher education destinations of Letovo students are not limited to IVY League universities or the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Instead, our students are willing to explore their numerous options across the world. As a result, our Higher Education Department is well suited to prepare appealing candidates for various admission assessments.


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These exams are required for a majority of our students wishing to pursue university studies in English. While most of our students, who seek to apply to foreign universities are enrolled in the IB DP programme and, thus, possess the necessary language proficiency, English still remains a second language for the majority of them. As a result, in Letovo we offer our students face-to-face and online classes in order to prepare them for the exams and simplify the application process for them.

Summer Admission Boot Camp with Banyan Education

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In the summer of 2020, Letovo students participated in the 5-day bootcamp conducted by Banyan Education, which was designed to help them acquire the knowledge base necessary to create competitive applications to US and UK universities. The students were not only offered general guidance on college research but were also introduced to the differences between possibilities within the US and UK admissions. They attended numerous interactive sessions targeting UCAS, UC, Common and independent applications, which provided them with practical knowledge necessary to orient themselves to different application systems. Furthermore, Letovo students were taught on how to produce personal statements for the UK and main/supplemental essays for the US and had a chance to produce their own essays, which they then discussed with a writing specialist during individual sessions. We believe, this bootcamp was extremely informative and useful for our prospective candidates.